Always the right KLUDI AMBIENTA fitting

KLUDI offers mono mixers for fitted washbowls with two spout heights: 213 mm and 273 mm for extra KLUDI freedom of movement between the mixer and the washbasin. Everyone can determine for themselves personally how much KLUDI freedom of movement is desired. With greater height, the possibilities for individual use are also greater.

The diverse product range includes the mono basin mixer in two versions, suitable for large washbasins in bathrooms or smaller hand washbasins in guest bathrooms. The concealed two hole wall mounted single lever basin mixer is available with wall spouts that have a reach of 180 mm or 220 mm.


KLUDI SoftFlow - the voluminous, gentle stream of water


The gentle and sensuous design matches the wonderfully smooth stream of water flowing from the KLUDI AMBIENTA wash basin mixer. KLUDI SoftFlow pampers with its gentle volume – every single day.

5 litres per minute flow through the KLUDI AMBIENTA wash basin mixer, which corresponds to the flow class Z. As a comparison: the highest class A allows 14 litres per minute. With its 5-litre water regulator, KLUDI AMBIENTA achieves the ultimate in eco-friendly savings – including a double effect. For the water-savings effect is coupled with a power savings, as less hot water is consumed.

The KLUDI s-pointer allows the angle of the water stream to be adjusted directly at the aerator. This makes individual alignment to any washbasin form easy. A nice feature here: the practical function is integrated into the spout, making it virtually invisible.


Showering brings double pampering

When two showers are active simultaneously, the shower experience is perfect. KLUDI AMBIENTA makes this possible - with the three-way diverter, which can control two waterways.

The combination of overhead, side and hand shower can be freely selected: overhead and side shower, side and hand shower or overhead and hand shower.


KLUDI AMBIENTA thermostats: convenient, safe,
with eco-function


38° C hot water stop
KLUDI AMBIENTA thermostats are equipped with a hot water stop to protect against scalding. It is pre-set to 38° Celsius, in line with the human body temperature of 37.5° Celsius. Those who would like hotter showers can unlock the hot water stop at the touch of a button.

Thermostats can be set to the desired temperature in seconds, thus keeping it constant. No time is wasted finding the desired temperature at a full water flow. As a safety feature, the surfaces of the KLUDI AMBIENTA thermostats do not heat up. Additionally, the 38° C hot water stop protects against scalding. A water-saving eco-function is also integrated.

In accordance with DIN EN 1717, the wall-mounted thermostats are inherently safe against backflow and are always beautiful to look at. For a wall mounting, special cover escutcheons ensure that the swivel nuts, which are usually visible after installation, are covered.



Sculptural design for modern lifestyle bathrooms

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a living environment. KLUDI showcases this trend. The free-standing bath and shower single lever mixer fit perfectly into modern lifestyle bathrooms with a free-standing bathtub. Its sculptural design showcases the bathtub as a design object.

There are six different bath filling solutions to choose from: whether wall-mounted or concealed, whether single lever mixer or thermostat – modern wellness oases can be fully equipped with KLUDI AMBIENTA.